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IMU10: Nine Degree of Freedom Inertia Measurement Unit

The IMU10 peripheral gives you Z, Y, and Z values from a gyroscope, accelerometer, and a magnetometer. You can set the gains for each of the sensors.



The IMU card (IMU10) uses a LSM9DS0 to give temperature and three axix measurements of acceleration, rotation, and magnetic field strength. The IMU10 card uses the ESPI 7474 circuit to give reliable operation even when the IMU is mounted some distance from the FPGA card.

More information about the IMU10 cards is available here cards/imu10.html.



config : sample period and sensor gains in the form

    dpset imu10 config    

The sample period is given in milliseconds and must be one of 0, 20, 50, or 100. A value of zero turns off the sensor.

The accelerometer gain specifies the full scale range in G of the accelerometer and must be one of:


The gyroscope gain specifies the full scale range in degrees per second of the gyroscope and must be one of:


The magnetometer gain specifies the full scale range in Gauss of the magnetometer and must be one of:


raw : the raw temperature and nine IMU readings. The values are the temperature in Celcius, the XYZ values for the accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer. This resource works with both dpget and dpcat.



Set the IMU10 to report every 20 millisecond with gains of 2G, 500 dps, and 8 Gauss. Then start a stream of the raw values from the IMU.

    dpset imu10 config 20 2 500 8
    dpcat imu10 raw


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