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Our Mission
Demand Peripherals is dedicated to offering a complete line of robotic and industrial control systems and peripherals. Our primary focus is on Linux but our software and hardware work on Windows and OSX as well. Our software-defined robot controller and our selection of daughter cards can give you the perfect mix of peripherals for your PC, robot, or industrial control system.

We try to be as open-source as possible. The protocol to the controller card is public, the schematics for all of our daughter cards are released under a Creative Commons license, and all of our host side software is released under the LGPL. However, our use of libraries means you can, if you want, build a custom application as a library using your own proprietary code.

About Us
Demand Peripherals brings together the right mix of expertise in Linux, Verilog, and circuit board layout in order to bring you the lowest cost, simplest, easiest to use peripherals for your robot or other Linux based control system.

Contact Us
The staff of Demand Peripherals is pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding our products and their use. We would especially like to hear from you if you have suggestions for new products or ways to improve our existing products.

For technical questions please send email to

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