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RF315: Keyfob Receiver Cards

The RF315 and RFOB cards let you receive packets from your keychain 315 MHz or 434 MHz transmitter. Both cards take an RF module similar to the (BOB:GET SF#) or the XXX. The RF315 card has a built-in 315 MHz antenna while the RFOB card has an SMA antenna connector. The RF315 card is convenient while the RFOB card lets you place the antenna where you choose.


- Internal or External antenna option
- 315 or 434 MHz receiver modules available
- LEDs to indicate received packets and RF signal



The schematic and layout of the RF315 are shown below. The Eagle schematic and board files for the internal antenna version are available here: rf315i.sch and rf315i.brd. The Eagle schematic and board files for the SMA connector version are available here: rfob.sch and rfob.brd.