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MP43: Large Aluminum Mounting Plate

The MP43 mounting plate can hold up to twelve Deman Peripherals cards on the top and up to nine on the bottom.


- 7.65 by 5.725 inches
- 0.080 inch aluminum
- Holds up to twenty-one peripheral cards
- Cut-outs to make cable routing easier
- Painted with white primer to protect the surface
- Includes rubber feet and mounting hardware


The MP43 can make building a robot easier by eliminating the tedium of drilling mounting holes for Demand Peripherals cards. The top set of holes can hold up to twelve cards in a four-by-three arrangement. There are a second set of holes that let you mount another nine cards on the bottom of the place.

How to mount cards is illustrated in the following example showing cards mounted on both the top and bottom of the MP43