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Step 2: Peripheral/Slot Assignment

Schematic: available here

Serial host interface on pins:
    Pin 44 (output) : TX from FPGA to host
    Pin 46 (input)  : RX from host to FPGA

Note that the Tang Nano 4K has three voltages for input/output.
Some slots necessarily mix pins with different voltages. Careful!
Some pins on the connectors are used internally and are unavailable.

Slot / Pin Assignments

Slot 1: 43 42 41 40

Slot 2: 39 35 34 32

Slot 3: 31 33 16 13

Slot 4: 17 18 19 20

Slot 5: 21 22 23 27

Slot 6: 28 29 30


Slot 0 is already assigned to the input/output devices on the FPGA board.
The API link points to the peripheral's README.txt file
The hardware link points to a schematic of any hardware required by the peripheral.
Please select a peripheral for each slot.

Motion Control 1 2 3 4 5 6
Dual DC motor controller (API)
Dual quadrature decoder (API)
Quad servo motor controller (API)
Octal servo motor controller (API)
Unipolar stepper motor controller (API)
Bipolar stepper motor controller (API)
Simple Input/Output 1 2 3 4 5 6
Quad binary output (API)
Quad binary input (API)
Quad bidirectional I/O (API)
Octal input / output (API) (hardware)
32 Channel binary output (API) (hardware)
32 Channel binary input (API) (hardware)
Quad Serial Output (API)
Octal Serial Output (API)
User Interface 1 2 3 4 5 6
Audio amplifier with volume control and mute (API) (hardware)
Text LCD and keypad interface (API) (hardware)
Quad WS2812 RBG(W) LED interface (API)
Quad slide potentiometer (API) (hardware)
Consumer IR receiver/transmitter (API)
Six digit LCD display (API) (hardware)
6/8 channel RC decoder (API)
Keyfob remote control (API) (hardware)
Rotary encoder with center button (API)
Quad capacitive touch sensor (API) (hardware)
Audio square wave generator (API)
Simple sound generator (API)
80x40 color terminal on VGA (API)
PS/2 mouse or keyboard input (API)
Sensors 1 2 3 4 5 6
Octal 12-bit ADC (API) (hardware)
Quad Parallax PING))) interface (API)
Octal SRF04 interface (API) (hardware)
Quad event counter (API)
Quad RC discharge timer (API)
Octal RC discharge timer (API)
Instrumentation 1 2 3 4 5 6
SPI interface (API) (hardware)
I2C interface (API) (hardware)
Octal 8-bit DAC (API) (hardware)
Quad digital potentiometer (API) (hardware)
Quad PWM output (API)
Quad PWM input (API)
Real-time clock (API) (hardware)
AVR Microcontroller (API) (hardware)
Dual Pulse Generator (API)