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Pccore Verilog Peripherals: After installing the Xilinx WebPack and adding its 'xst' program to your $PATH environment variable you can download and build an FPGA image for the Baseboard with the following commands:

        tar -xzf pccore-latest.tgz
        cd pccore/board/baseboard4
        # Edit perilist to set the peripherals in your build
        vi perilist
        sudo cp build/pccore.bin /usr/local/lib

pcdaemon: Pcdaemon is the user-space daemon that converts ASCII strings on a TCP connection into the low level packets that read and write registers in the FPGA. You can get, install, and test pcdaemon with the following commands:

        tar -xzf pcdaemon-latest.tgz
        cd pcdaemon
        sudo make install
        # start pcdaemon and test Baseboard buttons
        stty -opost  < /dev/ttyUSB0       # raw byte output
        cat /usr/local/lib/pc/pccore.bin > /dev/ttyUSB0
        pcdaemon  -s /dev/ttyUSB0         # full daemon mode
        /usr/local/bin/pcget bb4io buttons   # press BB4 buttons

DPI Schematics: Eagle schematics for Demand Peripherals interface cards are released under a Creative Commons license. You can use the schematics for both personal and commercial applications but you need to keep the copyright and license information with any schematics that are derived from these schematics. Note that some circuits are patent protected. Schematics are attached to each board web page and are available with:

        git clone


A commercial license includes the right to add custom Verilog peripherals to your build, and to use the schematics without releasing your resulting schematics under Creative Commons.