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Support Pages

Build Your FPGA Image The FPGA-based Baseboard4 gives you the ability to run eight different peripherals simultaneously. Click here to go to a page where you can specify which peripherals to include in your FPGA image. After specifying peripherals for all of the slots you are asked for your email address and for any extra build request notes. The finished FPGA image is sent to the email address you provide.


Downloads Click here to go to the downloads page where you can get the pcdaemon daemon, the Verilog FPGA peripherals, and the interface card schematics in Eagle.


User Forums Click here to go to the User Forum area where you can ask questions and post replies to questions others might have asked. Spend a little time browsing the forums as you may someone has already ask the same question that you have.


Projects Wiki Click here to go to a Wiki site with user contributed projects and articles. Please let us know if you would like to post a wiki page or an article.