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RFFOB: RF Keyfob Receiver

The RFFOB peripheral and cards receive and decode packets from common 315/434 MHz keyfob transmitters.



The RFFOB peripheral uses an RF receiver module to convert the RF signal from a keyfob transmitter to a digital pulse stream. LEDs indicate RF reception and a valid packet. More data about the RFFOB cards can be found here: cards/rf315i.html and here: cards/rfob.html.



Resources for the RFFOB peripheral include a read-only data receive resource and a read-write baud rate resource.

recv : received RF packets.
The received data is given as a newline terminated 32 bit hexadecimal string. This resource works with pccat but not with pcget or pcset.

baudrate : baudrate in bits per second.
The baudrate is given as a decimal number terminated by a newline. The default value is 4800. This resource works with pcset and pcget.



Set the baudrate to 4800 and then start a stream of received RF packets.

    pcset rffob baudrate 4800
    pccat rffob recv