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ENUMERATOR: Baseboard Configuration ROM

pccore.bin, the FPGA image file, creates a read-only memory block in the FPGA that contains meta data about the FPGA image itself. The meta data includes licensing information and a list of peripherals in the program. The peripherals are listed as the peripheral name, a period, and the version number.



The enumerator peripheral is always in slot 0. When the pcdaemon program starts it reads the list of peripherals from the enumerator and loads the shared object files corresponding to the peripherals in the list.

More information about the Baseboard4 is available here: /cards/baseboard4.html



The contents of the configuration ROM is available by invoking he pclist command with an argument of "enumerator". The output includes the copyright, the email address of the person who accepted the license, the date license was accepted, and a list of peripherals.

port : The full path to the Linux serial port device. Changing this causes the old device to be closed and the new one opened. The default value of 'device' is /dev/ttyUSB0.

license : the license of the FPGA image.

copyright : the copyright of the FPGA image.



View the list of peripherals, the license, and the copyright.

        pccat enumerator license
        pccat enumerator copyright

Set the USB serial port to /dev/ttyUSB1.

        pcset enumerator port /dev/ttyUSB1