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ADC812: Eight Channel, 12-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter

The ADC812 peripheral performs a 12 bit ADC on eight inputs at a rate between 4 HZ and 100 Hz. Two inputs can be combined to form a differential input for the ADC. Differential inputs perform a 13 bit conversion.



The ADC812 peripheral requires either the ADC812 card or the ADC812-ST card.



The resources for the ADC812 let you specify the sample rate and whether or not an input is differential. The ADC samples are available at the 'samples' resource.

config : The sample period in milliseconds and an hex value to specify which inputs are differential. The sample period is given in decimal and must be between 10 and 256.

The differential inputs are given as an 8 bit hexadecimal number with a leading '0x'. If differential bit 0 is set then value 0 reports the signed 13-bit value of input 0 minus input 1. If bit 1 is set then value 1 reports the value of input 1 minus input0. This pattern is the same for the other differential pairs, 2/3. 4/5, and 6/7.

This is a read-write resource and works with pcset and pcget but not pccat.

samples : eight space-separated 12-bit ADC readings as hex values. There is one line of output for each set of samples. Single-ended inputs give an unsigned 12 bit result and differential inputs give a signed 12 bit result (since the difference can be above or below the adjoining pin). You can use select() on this resource after giving the pccat command.



Set the sample rate to 50 milliseconds and eight single-ended inputs.

   pcset adc812 config 50 0x00 

Monitor the ADC readings as a stream.

   pccat adc812 samples 

If you have two ADC812 cards in your system you access the second one by slot number.
   pccat 3 samples