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DDPD: Disk Drive Power Break-Out Card

The DDPD power distribution card is a handy break-out card which makes it easy to access the two outputs from a Molex disk drive power connector.


- Connects to a Molex disk drive power cable
- Rugged screw terminals rated at 16 Amps
- 5 and 12 volt outputs
- Three 5 volt connectors
- Two 12 volt connectors
- Power on LED
- Separate 5 and 12 volt ground return lines (to help prevent ground bounce)
- Both vertical and horizontal Molex connectors available



The schematic and layout of the DDPD are shown below. The Eagle schematic and board files are available here: ddpd.sch and ddpd.brd. The bill-of-materials is available here: ddpd.txt.