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ADC12: Octal 12-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter

The octal 12-bit ADC card (ADC12) uses the Microchip MCP3304 to give eight single-ended channels of 12-bit analog conversion or four channels of differential 13-bit conversion. The card includes an LM4040 4.096 volt reference. There are two versions of the card: one with pin headers and one with screw terminals. The pin header version is compatible with the Sharp IR distance sensors (center pin is ground).


- Microchip MCP3304
- Eight channels of 12 bit conversion
- Can be configured for differential inputs
- Uses the ESPI 7474 circuit for reliable operation
- Input range is 0 to 4.096 volts (1.0 mV/bit)
- Sample rates from 10 to 250 milliseconds
- Input is via either pin headers or screw terminals
- Works with the adc812 peripheral



The schematic and layout of the ADC12 are shown below. The Eagle schematic and board files for the pin-header version are available here: adc12.sch and adc12.brd. The Eagle schematic and board files for the screw terminal version are available here: adc12-st.sch and adc12-st.brd. The respective BOM files are adc12.txt and adc12-st.txt